Expert Guidance

With thousands of part projects under our belt, we have the specialized experience needed in progressive die stamping to work with the best in the business. Save time and money with a strong partnership, getting the process right the first time.

So many options to navigate…

There is typically more than one way to make any part; let us help guide that process for overall savings to you. Each part has multiple process options but do you know what option will give you the best quality for the least overall cost?

Let Simply Complex Parts be the driving force in your cost management.  What will do differently, and we think better, is our ability to analyze the different process options for your part that will give you the biggest savings.

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automotive lighting parts

Electronics to agricultural …

We feature four-slide, multi-slide presses, 2 ton to 400 ton with large bed capacity, machining, press brakes, lasers, EDM etc.  Whether your part is a micro for the electronics industry or a large agricultural part we can accommodate your requirements.

EDM, laser and small perf die options…

EDM, laser and small perf die options may be perfect for lower quantity but high precision requirements.

We are committed to providing you with the best process possible to make your part.  Be it stamping, EDM, machining, press-brake or other means; quality and cost effectiveness is our number one priority.

Heavy duty angle bracket

Cost analysis …

Tool and Die costs do not have to be prohibitive when analyzed correctly.  We take the fear out of tooling by showing you ways to bundle parts into one tooling cost by gagging/change-over your family of parts into one die. 

Coordinated Manufacturing …

Bringing disparate materials and processes together allows us to help your team address truly unique applications.


Simply Complex Parts is your partner in the complete process of developing your part from concept to finished piece.

Services & Equipment
Core Competency

  • Metal, Plastics and Fiber Stampings up to 400 tons
  • Four slide / Multi-slide stamping (wire forms and miniature parts)
  • EDM, wire & sinker

Part Definition Process

  • Tool & Die Design
  • Tool & Die Manufacturer with emphasis on complex progressive dies
  • Use of EDM as a production mechanism
  • In die tapping, inserts, PEM inserts, in die welding
  • Gag tooling /change-over tooling (Maximizing the cost of one tool to make several parts)

Additional Processes

  • Wire forming
  • Tube fabrication
  • Assembly and subassembly services, shears, press brakes, plasma cutting, rolling, sawing, punching, laser, welding
  • Secondary operations, threading, tapping, paint/powder coating & plating

Company Features

  • Employing large shops with excess capacity—ensuring program start-up success
  • Over 36 presses with tonnage capability from 2–400


    • Onsite quality assurance program.
    • J.I.T. program with near perfect on-time delivery track record


  • Dedicated in-house part stamping/fabricating/tool& die customization.
  • Progressive die automation — eliminate cost by eliminating operations
  • Gag tooling/change-over tooling for similar parts / streamlined savings.
  • Complete in-house tooling facilities
  • Assemblies


  • Proud history of financial stability
  • Wholly independent shops without work stoppages
  • 50 plus years in manufacturing and metal service industries providing unique insight into the total process of producing quality parts.

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Process Capabilities

# Metals Fiber Plastics Fiberglass
CNC * * *
Deep Draw Forming * * *
Drilling – Standard and Large Lart * * * *
EDM ram *
EDM wire *
Exotic Shapes / close tolerance * * *
Fiberglass Molding *
Jigs & Fixtures * *
Lapping ( best polish & tolerance) * *
Laser Cut Blanks and Parts * *
Milling * * *
Powder Metallurgy * *
Press Brake / Bending * * *
Prototyping * * *
Slitting & Shearing * * *
Stamping – Small Volume * * *
Stamping Large Parts – 5’x10’ Bed * * *
Stamping – Small Parts/High Speed * * *
Sub Assembly * * *
Surface Grinding *
Tapping / Threading * * *
Tool & Die Build * * * *
Tool & Die Repair * * *
Tube Bending * * *
Turning * * * *
Water-jet * *
Welding – Mig & Tig *